[Compliment a Seller] 11. IMOB


‘Compliment a Seller’ is a compliment relay program in which a theme seller compliments another seller. Now is the perfect time for you to take the opportunity to discover who the hottest sellers are and the themes they have created that have been directly chosen by other sellers who currently work at the store!


“I highly recommend everyone to search for the themes of IMOB

because they are high-quality designs that feature various kinds of topics

 such as characters, pictures, illustrations, and many others. I get the impression

that the designer respects the diverse preferences of the users,

which allows their concepts to not be limited to a single form, too.


1. [IMOB] heart balloon_Ani

This cute theme is highlighted by the disparity in sizes between a large elephant and a small hedgehog.

The general mood of the theme becomes even more adorable with the dark navy colored calm background and the combination of light blue and pink.


Although the icons may look simple at first, the use of soft lines ensures no tedious or cold ambiance exist at all. On the whole, this theme emphasizes coziness, warmth, cuteness, and adorable sensitivities.


2. [IMOB] littleprince with fox

There are already lots of themes that depict the Little Prince. Among them, the Little Prince theme of IMOB clearly provides a warmer and brighter atmosphere due to the composition of soft, bright colors and pleasant curves. Such a neat and concise design will never ever bore you.


Besides, the lock screen which illustrates the Little Prince and the fox leaning on each other will naturally make you think of your best friend. Together with this theme, I also want to recommend another theme ‘[IMOB] waiting for the littleprince’ which illustrates the Little Prince from a whole new perspective awash with lovely colors!


3. [IMOB] animal musicians_Ani

Cute animals have all gathered together to enjoy camping while being surrounded by the night air. Of course, anyone who views this will smile as they gaze at the animal’s leisurely actions that are free of any worries.


The icons were inspired by the star signs that create a beautiful atmosphere coupled with the night view, while the live characters of the lock screen move in the same way as the 3D Christmas cards we once received did, which warmly adds to their adorability.


‘Compliment a Seller’ continues next month.

Who will be the next seller recommended by IMOB? Make sure you return to find out in the November Issue!