The “Compliment a Seller” corner, is a corner, which a Theme Seller can actually relay their compliments to other Sellers.


Check out the hot Sellers in the Seller store and find out what themes they are creating.  Let’s go and check out right now.


NOTEFOLIO.CO.LTD, the Seller selected in the 1st round, has selected MINWOO BAE(MINU) as the next Seller.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why MINU was recommended along with the most 3 attractive themes.


“The reason why MINU was selected is because from the beginning of Samsung Themes, MINU has shown a variety of beautiful work in various genres.”



1.  [MINU]Boy Friend, [MINU]Girl Friend


The theme shows a couple wearing a Hanbok, a traditional Korean attire.


Only the boy is shown in the Lock screen; however, in the Home screen you can see both the warm and happy couple. When in the Lock screen, the phase “He is my Boy Friend” and arrow can feel sentimental like a memo left on a photograph.


2. [MINU]BrightGrayBlue Aurora


The BrightGrayBlue Aurora theme expresses the aurora like blue smoke.


The aurora is stretched out like a veil of cloth. The overall aurora details of the theme are used to create a clean and mysterious look. We recommend this theme to people who like the blue modern feel.


3. [MINU]Rose Quartz


The Rose Quartz is a theme with painted sky and clouds using beautiful pastel colors.


The theme gives you a feel of looking out of a window from an airplane when the sun goes down. Through this theme you will be able to feel an unusual experience of being awake on an airplane looking out the window at a particular time. We recommend this theme to people who like traveling and enjoy sentimental pastel tone feel.


There will be the ‘Compliment the Seller’ section next month, too! 

Who will be the Seller recommended by MINU? Coming soon!