[Compliment a Seller] 03. Echo Visuals



‘Compliment a Seller’ is a compliment relay program in which a theme seller compliments another seller.
Seize the opportunity to discover who are the hottest sellers and the themes they have created that have been directly chosen by other sellers who currently work at the store!

MINWOO BAE (MINU), who was selected from the second round of the seller compliment program, chose Echo Visuals as the seller that he wants to compliment.
So, let’s find out the reasons why MINU recommended Eco Visuals and the three fascinating themes of the seller.

“Eco Visuals produce dynamic lock screen themes,
and those high-quality works made me want to learn how to create them.

Also, so many themes have been developed with the seller’s utmost sincerity.”


1. Blue Polygon (Premium Video AOD)


Are you a fan of space or the future?
Blue Polygon is a theme that provides an animated lock screen which will immerse you in space-time, and its captivating design will continually allure you day after day.
It is recommended for users who like the cyber display.


2. Gear (Premium Video AOD)


How about this intriguing metallic design?
With this theme, it provides an effect as if the springs are winding when you switch on the lock screen.
By only using black and grey shades, this theme looks neat and unified. If you want a chic Galaxy, then the Gear would be the perfect match for you.


3. Dragon Eye (Premium Video AOD)


The eyes of a dragon from this cool fantasy theme are completed by the combination of red and gold colors on a dark background.
The terrifying eyes that observe you from the screen give a sobering effect. This breathtaking wallpaper seems to advance the mood of the Galaxy even further. If you want to set a live version of the terrific dragon eyes from fantasy on your lock screen, it is highly recommended to try this theme.

‘Compliment a Seller’ continues next month.
Who will be the next seller recommended by Echo Visuals? Come back to find out in the March Issue!