[Compliment a Seller] 05. MINDON design


‘Compliment a Seller’ is a compliment relay program in which a theme seller compliments another seller. Now is the perfect time for you to take the opportunity to discover who are the hottest sellers and the themes they have created that have been directly chosen by other sellers who currently work at the store!


PhintonART, who was selected from the fourth round of the seller compliment program, chose MINDON design as the seller he wishes to compliment. So, let’s discover the reasons why MINDON design was chosen and the three fascinating themes of the seller.


“From many countries including Korea and Thailand, and for specific cities such as Moscow and London,
MINDON design’s enchanting theme collection specializes in different regions.
Also, his differing themes are highly diversified in terms of their themes and styles
in addition to the plain design so that they cover metal design, photo themes, animals and the season’s issue themes.”

1. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of his remarkable city theme collections, and the night view is even more interesting by applying an excellent color combination, and the special method of using lights and light reflection effects. Even though the icon set that creates unity with the background may be simple it still allows for the easy understanding of users through the clear design of each icon.


The Dailycafe theme is designed with delicate coffee colors that provide a pleasing afterglow, and it is a theme that is most likely to be enjoyed by people who like coffee. Since the lock screen is the exterior of the café and the home screen is designed with the interior of the café, the users will be able to experience the sensation of entering into the adorable coffee shop as they swipe the screen. Also, the icons that are highlighted with the brown color will make you want to drink coffee, and even make you pleased that you long to go to a café every day. Do you enjoy drinking coffee? Then this theme will be a good match for you.

Deluxe Gold Black


The Deluxe Gold Black theme has a simple and luxurious style, in which the gold color is moderately highlighted on the dark background and the icon set is designed with details so that it can attract the attention of the users. This theme is highly recommended to people who enjoy simple designs.


‘Compliment a Seller’ continues next month.

Who will be the next seller recommended by MINDON design? Come back to find out in the May Issue!