[Compliment a Seller] 07. Hyojung JO


‘Compliment a Seller’ is a compliment relay program in which a theme seller compliments another seller. Now is the perfect time for you to take the opportunity to discover who are the hottest sellers and the themes they have created that have been directly chosen by other sellers who currently work at the store!


MIMI, who was selected from the sixth round of the seller compliment relay program, chose Hyojung JO who created the Okcheori theme as the seller to compliment. So, let’s discover the reasons why Hyojung JO was chosen and the three fascinating themes of the seller.


“Hyojung JO continuously creates new themes with various subjects and colors,

and each theme is defined by excellent quality.

As I also design my themes by using characters,

I hope that more themes full of characters can be developed

in the future just like the ones from Hyojung JO.”


1. Okcheori_Gardening

The first recommended theme is Okcheori_Gardening.’

The adorable puppy and the warm smiling face of the character immediately relax the viewer’s mind.

Especially, the simple details create an even more interesting theme, and the use of warm colors also pleases the viewers’ sensitivities.


2. Okcheori_Picnic

The second recommended theme is called ‘Okcheori_Picnic.’

The bright color of the sky and cute illustration allow the viewers to feel as if they are enjoying a picnic with the characters.

Besides, the lock screen with the animation where a puppy is running around adds an amusing touch to this theme.


3. Okcheori travel

The last theme I recommend is ‘Okcheori travel.’

This theme presents a story on its lock screen and home screen where the character is flying in a plane and then arrives at the vacation spot.

The wide range of colors accentuates this theme, and you can be filled with excitement as if you are on a real trip.


‘Compliment a Seller’ continues next month.

Who will be the next seller recommended by Hyojung JO? Make sure you return to find out in the July Issue!