[Compliment a Seller] 12. THENEW


‘Compliment a Seller’ is a compliment relay program in which a theme seller compliments another seller. Now is the perfect time for you to take the opportunity to discover who the hottest sellers are and the themes they have created that have been directly chosen by other sellers who currently work at the store!


IMOB, who was selected from the 11th round of the seller compliment relay program, chose “THENEW” as the seller they would like to compliment. So, let’s discover the reasons why THENEW was chosen and the three fascinating themes of the seller.


What makes ‘THENEW’ so attractive is that

 you can see diverse works of unique artists

starting from exquisitely delicate watercolors to character illustrations.
The themes of THENEW are fascinating because they are both trendy and sensitive.


1. [THENEW] Pastel photographer girl (AOD/iris)_yelyel

In the Pastel Girl series of THENEW, you will discover a sweet and adorable retro girl.

As the illustrations express the daily moments we experience in a cute and lovely way, it will fill you with pleasant memories.
Especially, in the theme titled the ‘Pastel photographer girl,’ you can immerse yourself in the complete story of a girl as she witnesses a beautiful aurora in the sky and stops walking to take a picture of it. Such a story makes this theme more attractive and familiar.


2. [THENEW] Flower dance (AOD/iris)_momogirl

The watercolor flowers in this theme seem as if they would emit a sweet fragrance to entice the user.

The colorful combination of soft colors makes it easy for everyone to approach and use this theme.
The bundle of bright and refreshing flowers will fill you with subtle happiness every time you see it.


3. [THENEW] Flower Dog (Live)_YR

I can recall that I fell in love with this theme at first sight because of its excessive cuteness.

This theme perfectly expresses how an innocent looking Pomeranian puppy sits happily surrounded by floral leaves, while the unique chalk art ideally illustrates the fluffy puppy.

Moreover, the use of suitable colors that give a blissful impression is also a key strength of this theme.


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‘Compliment a Seller’ continues next month.

Who will be the next seller recommended by THE NEW? Make sure you return to find out in the December Issue!