[Vol.20] Up-and-coming rookie, Rabo Studio



Q1. Would you please introduce yourself?

A. Hello. We are Rabo Studio, a contents group that communicates with the world through design.


We mainly focus on the design works that have a neat and fresh theme, but we also try many different themes for design. I think you can count on it.


Q2. What does RABO stand for?

A. RABO is Spanish, meaning ‘ a flower stalk’.


It is an important part of a plant, connecting flowers with the branches or roots. Likewise, we named ourself RABO to the effect that we should play an important role in connecting users and design.


Q3. What brought you into Samsung Theme?

A. I majored in design with a desire to express into images the thoughts and emotions that are hard to describe in words, and I believed Samsung Theme was the perfect space in which I could do as much as I pleased.


Q4. You have recently been selected as an ‘Up-and-Coming Rookie’ designer. Please tell us how you feel.

A. I was very delighted because it means our designs have taken a step closer to the users.


We make designs freely, without being constrained to a certain theme, and that is how we could get closer to the users. Since RABO was honored with the selection of being an ‘Up-and-Coming Rookie’, I would like to see RABO stay long in their minds.


Q5. As far as I know, RABO designs a wide range of themes, from animals to landscapes. Where do you get such inspiration?

A. All of our artists have lived with pets like dogs and cats for a long time. Naturally, we walk together, looking around for the surrounding scenes a lot. And we have a lot of fun at home every day. I think those are our inspirations.


Speaking of “[RABO] Hello Penguin”, I often watch the documentaries related to animals. The program “The Arctic’s Tears” drove us to design it.


Like this, we are likely to choose themes from what we have naturally come to like or had an interest in daily life.


Q6. Then what can you say are your signature theme designs?

A. They are [RABO] Lovely Puppy / [RABO] Sleepy Cat / [RABO] Hello! Penguin


A cat and a dog are always around me. They have become natural themes for my works. And many people like them, too. In fact, their love made RABO known to the outside through those works.


[RABO] Lovely Puppy

[RABO] Sleepy Cat

[RABO] Hello! Penguin


Q7. You must have some designs you like very much but not known well or popular. What are they?

A. While watching the American drama ‘Westworld’, I got inspiration for the theme “[RABO] Wild West”.


I had much fun while making it with the story of a bounty hunter roaming alone, which I expressed with day and night. But unexpectedly it failed to draw attention and I feel much sorry about it.


“[RABO] Silver Black” was the masculine dark theme I had tried for the first time.


So I searched a lot to find proper materials and tried to make it look as manly as possible, also pouring a great deal of time. To my disappointment, it didn’t get a spotlight either.


[RABO] Wild West

[RABO] Silver Black


Q8. What is the hardest thing when you make a theme design? Is there any episode related to it?

A. In episode [RABO] Hello! I was in the middle of focused work on “[RABO] Hello! Pig”.


One day, when it came to nighttime, we all starved and went out for dinner…(sorry for a pig but without thinking about it) … to a roasted pork belly restaurant.


[RABO] Hello! Pig


Q9. Do you have any theme design you made to deliver a special message or for a purpose?

A. “[RABO] Korean Neon” came up when I was trying to design a concept of a neon sign.


It flashed across my mind that it could show the beauty of Hangul to the Hangul learners in the world if I combined the neon signs and the Hangul consonants tastefully.


[RABO] Korean Neon


Q10. What user’s response do you especially remember?

A. I was most impressed with the comment from a father who said he had downloaded the theme “[RABO] Sand Gold” as his son and daughter recommended. He said he was absolutely content with it.


“[RABO] Lovely Puppy”.  It is a design of Dachshund, not of the dog species that have often been told much like Shiba and Welsh Corgi. Probably because of it, a number of Dachshund owners showed much affection and downloaded it a lot. I felt a strong empathy as a dog pet owner.


Besides all of it, many users see me as a ‘get your favorite’ designer. So I will do my best until I become a perfect designer who can get all of their favorites.


Q11. I wonder in which country you are most popular and what theme design of yours is most responded?

A. Of course, it is Korea, and it is gradually increasing. But the statistics show that US and UK love me most.


Maybe because the name ‘RABO’ reminds them of animal themes, a series of animal theme designs have received a positive response from many countries in the world.


Q12. What pep talk do you want to give those who dream to be a theme designer?

A. Approach your favorite theme you see in your daily life. Give it a keen attention and to the details. Then, such effort will be acknowledged and loved by the users.


Q13. What goal do you have as a theme designer this year?

A. Currently, many Koreans love my works.


And this year I want to design a theme that makes the people around the world feel happy and pleasant when they see it on their mobile phones and even a theme that can become an outlet for them.


Q14. If you think there is something I missed in this interview, please tell us freely.

A. Right now we’ve just finished half the year. I hope all of you have wonderful days and everything is gonna be alright for the rest of the year. ‘RABO’ will be right beside you, cheering you up.


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