Camping themes to refresh yourself


Don’t you want to travel somewhere away from your tiresome daily life? A shiny day with beautiful outdoor scenery will certainly make you feel so.


For people who want to pack up and go camping immediately but cannot escape from reality, Galaxy Theme has prepared special camping themes for you!

‘Four kinds of refreshing camping themes’ make you feel as if you’re at a romantic camping site!


1. [THENEW] Pastel camping boy (AOD/iris)_yelyel

The first theme is Pastel camping boy designed by THENEW. This theme is one of THENEW’s Pastel boy / girl series that is highlighted with soft pastel colors to display a more sensitive image of camping.


Don’t you think the boy in this theme who gazes at the sunset sky as he drinks warm tea and covers himself with a blanket rests in the imagination of anyone who likes or wants to try camping?


In addition to the overall mood, the icons that perfectly match with the camping theme even enhance the completeness of this theme. If you apply this lovely ‘Pastel camping boy’ theme to your phone and see it every day, you will stimulate your imagination so that you can enjoy such wonderful camping in the future just like the boy.


2. Night Camp Fire (butterfly-effected GmbH)

The second theme is called Night Camp Fire, which is created by butterfly-effected GmbH. By using blue shades, this theme successfully designed the night view of a campground in a simple manner. The illustration at the center is small but still shows all the necessary elements you can find from camping and is a delight to look at.


The man playing the guitar, the woman holding a drink on her hand while raising the other hand due to excitement, the man sitting on a log looking at the bonfire, and so many other elements in this compact illustration allow the user to imagine lots of different stories.


So, take the time to recall your childhood camping and imagine upcoming romantic camping in the future together with the Night Camp Fire theme.


3. [ALTTAM](NP) Enjoy Your Trip

The next theme is ALTTAM’s Enjoy Your Trip. The red car, trailer, and the luggage on the car are evident signs that the rider is going camping. This theme emphasizes cuteness by using the beige background and the red car.


However, above all, the main point of this theme would be the rider in the car. Of course, the very first thing you see on this theme is the red car. If you take a closer look, the rider in the car will definitely make you smile. In fact, an adorable puppy is driving the car and putting its arm on the window.


It is highly recommended that you decorate your Galaxy with the Enjoy Your Trip theme that displays great details and then create a pleasant travel plan!


4. Camping Bear & MOH (Live & AOD)

The last theme is Camping Bear & MOH created by MOH Inc. The home screen of this theme presents a neat illustration that fires up your imagination about enjoyable camping experiences from the past with the two tents under the mountains, bike, bonfire, and a barbeque.


An interesting aspect of this theme is that the bears are camping instead of people as it can be seen from the title. On the moving lock screen, you can see that a bear is riding a bike on the camping ground. The bear family around the bonfire with marshmallow grills including mother bear riding a bike and the cubs that are wandering the area makes this theme really cheerful.


If you are tired of your endlessly repeated daily life, refresh yourself with the various camping themes of the Galaxy Themes!



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