Delicious Themes



In the past, if you used to be thinking on what to eat and how to live, now you have to think about how to eat and live well.


Now eating is a culture, rather than just a necessity of life.  Think of ways on how to make the same dishes more deliciously and make new dishes, you have never eaten before.


To that extent, delicious food has become an important part of our lives. Introducing our 10th story, Delicious Theme.


#Fresh Vegetables and fruits


Fresh salad is a food that always appears in well-known Japanese writer Haruki Murakami’s stories.


As a vegetable lover, Murakami often portrays a large bowl of crunchy salad in his stories.  Just reading his stories makes you want to have a fresh bowl of salad.


Find fresh green salads and citrus fruits that will make your day at Samsung Themes.



Peaches /  Satoshi Nakamoto, LLC

Fresh_fruit / 1624

mangosteen / ssom

BlueBerry /  MiJung Park

Avocados / dwith 

 Healthy Food / Cogul Planet Inc.


#Hardy Meal


Your daily mood depends on what kind of food you eat.


Warm soup can make your body and heart feel warmer. Cream pasta with a large shrimp on top can make your day even special. Eating hot and spicy may be the trick to relieve you from a stressful day.


Let’s meet the themes that can help.


Pizza Lover / MOH Inc.

[Samyang friends] Jjiyo! ★Let’s eat delicious together / SAMYANGFOODS

For a Better Day Theme / Wacky Company Inc.

[MR.T] Sushi SET A / Apposter

Sushi Restaurant / POLYCUBE Inc.

[Lyon]Food series_Healthy Snack / kigum choi


#Sweet Delicious Desserts


Separate stomachs for your meal and desserts.


Sweet desserts are miracle cures, which can bring you happiness. No matter how full you are, there is still space for a frosty chocolate cake.


Recommended themes for the dessert lover in you.



[TYCON] somyou and sweet cake / tyconplanning

EBICHU : Sweet Dream / Cogul Planet Inc.

JamongYogurt / LIZE Choi

Bakery / Petit Yul

Ice Cream Love / butterfly-effected GmbH 

 In cafe_como / AROUND


#Daily Beverages


It is not only important to eat well, but it is also important to drink well.


You can live without breakfast, but cannot live without your coffee. At lunch you cannot stop thinking about a sweet cup of milk tea. For dinner, you feel like you must have a cold beer to help digest.


What is the best theme for the beverage lover in you?


Orange Time_como / AROUND

[WoOS_Design]Cocktail / Jaewoo Park

Blueberry / THENEW

I Love Ice Coffee / POLYCUBE Inc.

Tea / guangxu zhu

Today’s first coffee / IMOB