Refreshing Green Themes



With the sizzling heat from asphalt roads, plumes of black smoke from cars, and the ever-worsening fine dust, we begin to miss forests full of green trees more than blue seas during the hot summer.


However, it’s not easy for city dwellers who commute every day to find greenness. If you cannot stroll through the forests yourself, why not at least experience the greenness with your eyes?


The 9th theme story introduces refreshing green themes.



#’Forest’, a place for healing

The forest is a place where its presence alone heals.


Even on the hottest days, the shade of a tree in the forest never fails to cool us down. Forests also offer soft, moist soil to city dwellers accustomed to hard cement. Our bodies feel especially cleaner and purer with each breath of the pristine forest air that we take.


Here are some themes that help you experience the refreshing scent of trees.


cool way /  IMOB

Forest under the sky / 1624

Dreamlike Forest & MOH / MOH Inc.

Fantasy in a Garden / POLYCUBE Inc.

[SSOM]adventure day / ssom

Jungle exploration / dwith



#’Tropical’ themes for those who need to hit the road

Giant leaves, various tropical fruits, and colorful flowers are patterns that naturally come to mind when thinking about ‘summer’.


The vibrant colors and the bold tropical patterns remind us of exotic vacation spots with emerald seas. They are also patterns that tempt us to pack our bags right away and go on a vacation.


Even if you cannot hit the road right now, enjoy the summer with Samsung Themes.


Palm Trees Pattern / 2DayUK Limited

Tropical Pattern / butterfly-effected GmbH

Tropical Green / Pengtai Korea


Lovely Tropical /  Cogul Planet Inc.

Neon tropical / THENEW



#The ’Park’, a small forest full of energy

At the park, a small forest in the heart of the city, we can see myriad greenery, including trees and grass, along with various people enjoying the greenery.


There are people taking early morning strolls with their dogs, people enjoying cold iced coffee under the shade of a tree at midday, and people enjoying a game of badminton in the evening with their friends.


Here are some park themes full of greenness and energy.


Green Clover / THENEW

Green Grassland_Younghun Kim / POLYCUBE Inc.

Baekseolgi – Picnic / MINWOO BAE

 green run_O / IMOB

 Moomin: Picnic / Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Warm field / ALTTAM



#’Houseplants’, greenness within our daily lives


Look for greenness nearest to us!


We can find a variety of plants, including the sansevieria stuckyi on the desk, the rubber tree in the corner of the office, the rose in a vase on the table, and the cat grass for the cat.


They may be small plants, but they can provide great comfort by our side. Discover Samsung Theme’s healing green themes for the everyday life!



Hello Spring & MOH / MOH Inc.

My Rooftop / MINDON Co., Ltd.

Daily / MiJung Park

Rain window – birdtree / Woohee Choi

[TYCON] banastar dreaming cactus / tyconplanning