Summer vacation with themes


The beach always makes us feel like letting go everything and leaving for it. Hear we introduce the world’s top 5 beaches you should record in your bucket list.


1. Greece

The beach accessible by boat among more than 6,000 beaches in Greece, There you can see the emerald colored ocean that glitters like a jewel because the bottom of the ocean is calcareous.


2. Namibia

Special scenery where the beach coexist with the desert, There are lots of wrecked ships that remind of the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean.


3. Australia

The world’s biggest habitat of coral reef where around 400 and 1,500 species of coral reefs and fishes. It is also nominated as UNESCO’s World Natural Heritage. It’s too true that it’s worth a visit.


4. Maldives

Vaadhoo, the beach of shining stars as if stars are stuck like sand. It is known that a bunch of plankton makes mysterious rays by the physical impact, reacting with oxygen in the seawater.


5. Mexico

Hidden beach, the beach hidden in the cave. The beach occurred due to the hole taken place by the explosion during weapon test in an uninhabited island, Marieta Island. Though it has sad history, now it is a mecca of snorkeling also being called as “The Beach of Love”.



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