Symbol of Luck


There is a Chinese saying ‘運七技三(Yunqijisan)’. Success or failure depends on luck rather than effort.

This is usually used when something does not go well or when something goes well without a lot of effort. We should not rely on luck too much, but we cannot completely ignore this either.


The 9th Design&Tech Theme is ‘Luck’.


# The Chance of Discovering a Four Leaf Clover is 1 in 10,000

If you find a clover in the grass, you will closely look to see if it is a four-leaf clover. The chances are to find a natural four-leaf clover is 1 to 10,000.


Most clovers have 3 leaves. Clovers with more than 3 leaves have a special meaning. A four-leaf clover means luck and happiness while a five-leaf clover is a symbol of luck and money. A six-leaf clover symbolizes fame and a seven-leaf clover, which may bring the greatest luck of all by saving one’s life.


# The Smile of the Goddess of Fortune.  

There is saying, if a sport tournament has been won, it is because the goddess of fortune was smiling upon you. The goddess of fortune is also known as the goddess of fate, Tyche from the Greek mythology, or Fortuna from the Roman mythology.


Tyche is carrying a cornucopia, which symbolizes abundance in one hand and in the other hand a ship’s render to control fate. However, since the goddess is blind, she will not be able to take you to places where luck is. This means that if you are seeking out for luck, you have to work for it yourself.


The goddess of fortune also has a beautiful appearance; however, she is shabby with no hair from behind. You will not be able to receive luck if you do not hold on to it when she passes by with her beautiful appearance.


# What is in Common with Red, Maneki-neko, and Horseshoe?

As language and culture differ from each country, the symbol of luck is different as well.


In Korea, it is said that placing a Bokjori, a Korean traditional ladle made with straws, on Lunar New Year’s Day will bring good luck while gold and red represents good luck in China. If you go into a store in Japan, a popular cat doll known as Maneki-neko will bring luck by inviting money with its right paw and by collecting money with its left paw.


The United States two-dollar bill is loved all around the world as a symbol of good luck. The bills are sold as a gift in wooden or glass frames. Other symbols of good luck are matryoshkas and horseshoes.


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