The Theme that reminds of your family


May is the month in which we spend more time thinking of our family due to Mother’s Day. Hence, May is the best time to decorate your Galaxy with family themes so that you can once again feel the value and love of your family.


Today, the three Galaxy themes will be introduced that you will immediately feel the warmth of family as soon as you lay eyes on them.


1. [ab] Family

The first theme is ‘Family’ designed by the AB Studio. This theme is characterized by the simple illustration that is unique to the AB Studio; it is an adorable theme that presents the warmth of a happy family having a meal on the lock screen while the same family are watching TV together on a sofa on the home screen.


The single-colored background and the simple family illustrations are perfect for everyone to enjoy.


2. A mother’s love like water

The second theme is ‘A mother’s love like water’ illustrated by zhenbang liu. In contrast to the first theme characterized by simple designs, this delicate theme is much more emotional as the yellow light coming from the window shines on the family to maximize their warm mood.


As you gaze on the little boy as he washes the feet of his mother while she and his sister look over him, this impressive and lovely theme will naturally remind you of your parents and family. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants to feel the warmth of a family.


3. [MR.TIME X AUTISTAR] Polar Bear Family

The last theme is ‘Polar Bear Family’ from MR.TIME X AUTISTAR. Unlike the two themes above, this theme depicts an animal family instead. This theme which presents a cute polar bear family is an excellent choice for anyone who likes animals and character themes. In addition to using this theme to celebrate Parents’ Day, this great design can also be applied to your usual days.


The lock screen displays two lovely baby bears that have gathered around the mother bear, while the home screen depicts a mother bear that gazes adoringly at her baby bear. Besides, the charming icons that perfectly match with the background are the other special features of this theme.


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