Themes For Those Who Are Starting


2019 is here. The New Year’s is the best time to start something new.


Well begun is half done, the rest depends on your actions. The best way to prevent a short-lived resolution is to change your phone’s background screen. This is one of the most looked at screens of your day. If you set a screen that can remind you of a new start this will help keep you motivated.


In that sense, today’s shopping list is a theme recommended for new starters.



1. [Lyon] 2019 Gold balloons_AOD/Live / Lyon studio




It is the best suitable theme for the New Year and the only theme that can be done for the New Year. It is a theme to celebrate the beginning of 2019.

The Lyon studio’s [Lyon] 2019 Gold balloons Theme is a theme that you just cannot miss. The theme is decorated with gold balloons on a white background, which brings a feel of a New Year’s celebration party.


> Selling Point

The locked screen is animated. You can see the gently floating balloons as an effect. In addition, you will be able to see the astonishingly detailed theme by unlocking the pattern which then the gold balloons will form into a ‘New Year’ phase.


> Recommended User

We recommend this theme to people who are waiting and ready to celebrate the beginning of 2019. Also the theme is recommended to gold manias and for people who repeatedly write down and erase 2018.



2. [G]Daily Blue / RAN LEE




On January 1st, if you turn the first page of your diary, you will see a blank white page. A blank test paper may not be welcomed; however, the blank page on the first day of the New Year is different. It is because you can fill in the blank white page with anything.


RAN LEE’S [G]Daily Blue Theme, is a pure white blank, which gives you a pleasant feel. The lock screen uses green and blue as key colors with a white background. As the home screen, the icon colors are in blue. It gives off a clean impression by using only pastel tones.


> Selling Point

Although it is a simple and clean theme, the AOD is a pink smiley shape. By adding this cute element, it prevents the theme from slightly looking plain


> Recommended User

We recommend this theme to people who do not like complicated themes. At the same time it is for people who like simple and cute and are looking for themes that they do not get tired of every day.



3. Love yourself_marigold / AROUND




Sometimes a short and single sentence can touch one’s heart more than just a hundreds of words. Reading meaningful expressions over and over again never becomes tiring, instead helps refresh your mind.

AROUND’s Love yourself Theme is pastel colored gradation theme. There is a ‘Love yourself’ phase written in the middle to help improve your self-esteem. It is gives a clean and bright feeling using the expression as a point


> Selling Point

The Love yourself theme is simplicity itself. There is no special effects plus the icon and theme images are as well simple. The gradation background is soft with a variety of colors, so it’s easy to look at without getting tired easily.


> Recommended User

We recommend this theme to people who like pastel tones and need to boost their self-esteem. It is also for people who prefer simple over complex features.



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