Themes that will bring spring to your Galaxy


After the chilly weather that continued into March, that real sense of spring has finally appeared to us. As the sunlight pours through the windows, for some reason we find ourselves full of excitement. Don’t you want to go see the blossoms by dressing up with pretty clothes and go for a picnic with a tasty lunch? Today, we will introduce themes that will bring spring to your everyday life simply by looking at them. Enjoy looking at your Galaxy screen with the refreshing spring themes!


1. Spring equals flower! Refreshing and beautiful flower themes

Bright Spring_MINDON design

[THENEW] Wonderful Spring Day

[ALTTAM](NP) The Colorful Flowers on the Table

Without a doubt, the very first thing that will come across to mind will be the flowers as you think of spring. The Bright Spring theme seems like it delivers the refreshing scent of flowers and butterflies, and the Wonderful Spring Day theme is for people who have yet to fully enjoy the cherry blossom festivals. Also, there is a theme called The Colorful Flowers on the Table that offers a simple mood with colorful flowers in a vase. So, how about decorating your Galaxy with your favorite flower theme?


2.Warm spring sky themes

[JINY]Fly to the sky

Awesome Sky_Jam_AROUND

[HIVE] fluffy Blue Sky

Another concept that presents itself for spring would be a clear sky. Now should be the time to forget the gloomy sky from the winter and decorate your Galaxy with a bright spring sky that will brighten your mood and please you. We highly recommend our special themes including the Fly to the sky theme which expresses the shooting stars in a soft pastel blue sky, the Awesome Sky_Jam theme that is dyed pink similar to the typical spring, and the lovely fluffy Blue Sky theme in which the flower seeds are scattering. These bright sky themes are meant to be enjoyed by anyone.


3. Character & illustration themes with a spring background

[TYCON] Anne green fragrance

[IMOB] a warm afternoon café

[aire] Dancing Shiba (AOD+LIVE)

For those who like characters or illustrations, we recommend our character and illustration themes with bright spring backgrounds. Isn’t the combination of lovely characters and colorful spring backgrounds perfect? All three themes, which are the Anne green fragrance, a warm afternoon café, and Dancing Shiba, have been created to make you feel cozy with those moderate flower backgrounds that surround the characters.


4. Soft pastel themes that perfectly match with spring

[VIVA] rainbow candy

the color of spring_masi lee

Heart pink_simple line_Yeong-hyeon kim


The last themes we recommend are the simple ones that have the soft pastel colors. The backgrounds with the bright pastel colors will surely remind you of spring. In addition to the rainbow candy theme that has a lovely combination of yellow, blue, and pink, and the color of spring theme that presents the soft textures of paints on paper, there is the Heart pink_simple line theme that is simple but specially designed with unique icons. If you like simple designs, then these themes will all be excellent choices for you.


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